Streetwear Clothing Wholesale

Concentrate on creation and strive for excellence

Compared with traditional suppliers, coolstreetwear has more styles, faster update speed, wider category coverage, more inventory, and more cost-effective. What we show is the flexible supply chain of a street fast fashion brand. From optimize the design to match the production process, and ensure the production and supply during peak period. Inventory system is cloud-based and synchronized online, reducing customer communication and inventory costs. We provide better service, our customers will enjoy a more relaxed and happy shopping experience.streetwear clothing wholesale

Imagination is the source of design

In two years, we have basically completed the self-developed product supply system for all categories of menswear.There are more than 500 designs and more than 1,000 SKUs every quarter. coolstreetwear embellishes and highlights the personality of the product with elements and details, which is very important.


Show detail from a small clue

The production line uses needles imported from Germany, and try our best to control every inch of the same stitch length. This is the production standard of coolstreetwear.

streetwear clothing wholesale

Cooperation for Mutual Benefit

We have completed our supply chain services with 84 suppliers, of which more than 70% have opened up the supply chain for us at 1.5 times the industry supply speed, realizing the flexibility of the supply chain.Self-support printing workshop to ensure the stability of production.

streetwear clothing wholesale

Environmental Protection

The values we advocate are to think about human and the environment, business and civilization while developing.We require strict pollution discharge standards to be inspected by the national environmental protection department. Responsibility is more important than profit.All employees of the company enjoy insurance and benefits, and constantly learn and make progress in their work. We advocate the values of sincerity and justice, make good products and benefit producers at the same time.

streetwear clothing wholesale

Sewage treatment facilities are discharged in accordance with national environmental protection standards

Customers first and we can do more

We have a foothold in the wholesale market and provide a strong supply chain service for the online buyers. Maintaining the stability of product quality, a large amount of spot inventory and controlling the regular supply rhythm are our requirements for ourselves. As a supply chain brand in the Internet + era, what we can do is not only produce, but provide brand services of the same standard as high-end retail services and persevere.

streetwear clothing wholesale

streetwear clothing wholesale


Join agent

—Excellent drop shipping service and inventory support


3000m²Storage area 

500,000 Piece Spot inventory reserves

streetwear clothing wholesale

Product Design Advantage

coolstreetwear product design is synchronized with European and American fashion trends, combining multi-dimensional clothing production technology on the basis of more than ten years of streetwear culture accumulation. We attach great importance to the wearing experience of each customer. At the same time, it provides good cost performance products for young people who are keen on streetwear culture and pursue exquisiteness. Our product design team has a keen sense of fashion and will continue to develop more products quickly to meet customer needs.

streetwear clothing wholesale

Supply Chain Advantage

According to the market and the trend, a large number of new products are launched every Monday.

Small Batch Production/Fast Reorder Shipment/Good Inventory Reserve.

streetwear clothing wholesale

Service provided

Be meticulous and do a good job in every detail. Be patient with customers to reach the acme of perfection.

Drop Shipping Service

No agency fees, no inventory risk. We have a high-standard packaging and delivery, and real-time follow-up pre-sales and after-sales communication platform.

Professional Visual Planning Team

We have high-standard product shooting, model shooting and location image shooting. The minimalist graphic visual design makes customers to have a comfortable visual experience.

Web design materials and pictures can be obtained by contacting customer service.

streetwear clothing wholesale

OEM Service

All products in this shop can be OEM. We provide OEM services for bulk orders, and charge processing fees based on the complexity of the process.

streetwear clothing wholesale

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